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The Export Practitioner
The monthly magazine, The Export Practitioner, is the only publication devoted exclusively to the export licensing requirements and law enforcement policies of Commerce, State and Treasury. It provides exclusive, in-depth news and analysis aimed at helping exporters speed their products to customers abroad while avoiding costly legal troubles. With special guest features and columns written by experts in the field, The Export Practitioner gives export managers, international trade lawyers, and trade consultants information they can apply directly to coping with U.S. export controls and trade sanctions.

Its affiliated publication, Washington Tariff & Trade Letter, has provided international executives and trade experts weekly reports on U.S. trade policies, negotiations, regulations and legislation since 1981.
Spark Media, Inc.
Spark Media is an award winning production and outreach company based in Washington, DC. Established in 1989 by Andrea Kalin, Spark tailors its team of technical experts to each project, allowing the company to consistently realize its goal of producing creative, engaging programming. Spark has extensive experience in the production of industrial training films, including the award-winning Mastering Export Compliance, and has worked with major U.S. corporations in developing customized training programs for their employees. Its wide range of work creatively combines traditional media and digital technologies, always with a commitment to educate and inspire. For more information visit sparkmedia.org.

Welcome to Mastering Deemed Exports

Mastering Deemed Exports is an invaluable video-training program intended to help U.S. exporters, universities and research labs understand U.S. export controls on deemed exports. It provides an introduction to Commerce and State Department export control regulations and licensing requirements, and, specifically, rules for the release of sensitive controlled technology to foreign nationals.